High Noon (#6)

#6 on TRAIN magazine's Top 100 train movies of all time.  Fred Zinnemann directed this classic western where Gary Cooper is a retiring sheriff, whose last official act will be to protect the town from two gunmen arriving at noon to settle a score with him.  He gets no support from the town, and his wife Grace Kelly pleads with him to leave before the showdown.  Also stars Thomas Mitchell, and Lloyd Bridges.  The train used is the Sierra Railroad 4-6-0 No 3.  This train was often used in filming westerns, using its 1891 Rogers-built engine.  Today, the Sierra RR operates a dinner train and a freight service where the movies was filmed, around Warnerville, California (the train is headquartered in Oakdale).  This is a 2 disk "Ultimate Collectors Edition."

Price: $16.90

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